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A True Story About Postpartum Sex

This was written by one of my nearest and dearest friends AGES ago for my blog, but am just getting my act together to post. -- It is honest, it is true and I bet many of us can relate to her...Don't worry it has a happy ending. 😉 Sex is talked about a lot. Post partem sex…not… Continue reading A True Story About Postpartum Sex

pelvic health, physical therapy, Sex, women's health

Vaginismus: A Success Story

I think it is so important for women to feel supported, encouraged, not alone, understood. That's why I asked this brave soul to share her story. I hope you are able to find some humor, hope and help through her vaginismus journey. I guess you could say Vaginismus and I met on my wedding night. … Continue reading Vaginismus: A Success Story