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Vaginismus: A Success Story

I think it is so important for women to feel supported, encouraged, not alone, understood. That's why I asked this brave soul to share her story. I hope you are able to find some humor, hope and help through her vaginismus journey. I guess you could say Vaginismus and I met on my wedding night. … Continue reading Vaginismus: A Success Story

pelvic health, Sex, women's health

Lube 102: The Good Stuff

REAL QUICK! I decided it might be beneficial to have a post on the good lubes only so you can easily spot/click on and purchase a brand without having to look at the ingredients. Here are the types we have already discussed and have a stamp of approval from me: Organic Olive Oil Organic Coconut Oil… Continue reading Lube 102: The Good Stuff

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Lube 101

We went out of town for a wedding last weekend and I thought, what better segue to start the convo on SEXY TIME?! 💃💋 You can call it coitus (if you're a Big Bang Theory nerd like my hubs), intercourse, baby making, Netflix and chillin', or just plain sex. No matter your word choice, it is… Continue reading Lube 101