At Under the Hood Physical Therapy we provide undivided, specialized, quality care to our clients. Our specialties include treatment of symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction, pain during pregnancy, and postpartum wellness. Additionally, we treat traditional physical therapy conditions, as well as, those with the desire to improve their overall physical health and wellness.

When you come for your first visit, we spend a copious amount of time gathering information about your specific symptoms and you as a whole in order to develop an individualized and successful treatment plan for you. You will always be one-on-one with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy for every single visit, allowing you to receive optimal care designed specifically for you and your goals.

We are serious about taking the time to listen to your symptoms, your history, and your goals so that we can design a treatment program based on your unique needs. Due to the luxury of being able to spend the entire session with only you, our hope is that you will achieve your goals in a shortened amount of time, leaving that extra time not spent in physical therapy for you to participate in and enjoy the rest of your life!