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A Birth Story

April was national cesarean awareness month, but May is for mamas, so I’m going to put this here on the 1st to tie the two together. One of my nearest and dearest, sent me her unexpected birth story to share. It is a factual account of what happened, not an oversharing of emotions. However, many… Continue reading A Birth Story

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Take me out to the ball game: (Potty Training Regressions)

Whitney (the oh, so clever pediatric pelvic health physical therapist) hits it out of the park AGAIN with her final post addressing potty training regressions. This one is filled with advice and problem solving to help you help your kid get back in the game.  Take me out with the crowd. It’s the bottom of… Continue reading Take me out to the ball game: (Potty Training Regressions)

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Potty Training: The HOW.

This is the second post in a series on potty training by the lovely, Pediatric Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Whitney.  Who?: Your kiddo! What?: Potty Training! When?: Now! (I saw the sign!) Where?: The bathroom! Why?: To promote independence! How?: uh…………………. You spin me right round, Baby, right round! As I eluded to last week,… Continue reading Potty Training: The HOW.

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It’s POTTY TIME! Or is it?

I consider myself pretty lucky to know some ridiculously smart and hilarious people in the field of physical therapy. And the following post just so happens to be written by one of them (who I also went to PT school with). Whitney is about to take you on a journey of pediatric pelvic health through… Continue reading It’s POTTY TIME! Or is it?